Visa Fees

VISA  ( max. 90 days per annum)   FEES  
TOURIST Single entry
 € 80.00
TOURIST Multiple entry
 € 130.00
Express Visa 
 € 220.00
BUSINESS Single entry
 € 105.00
BUSINESS Multiple entry (contact us in advance)
 € 150.00


no charge
Visa fee is non-refundable

Visa standard processing: 7 WORKING DAYS ,  Express Service: 3 WORKING DAYS

Group/Family travelers, please make one payment if possible.

Please indicate on transfer:

1. NAME of Applicant’s / Travel Agent 

2. TYPE of Visa ( Single/Multiple , Tourist/Business etc)

3. COUNTRY of Applicant’s

Transfers and Payments in the EU

According to the new EU Directive 2015/2366 (Payment Service Directive 2/PSD2), the bank will introduce a new payment system on 13.1.2018. The most relevant changes are that ‘Shared Fees’ (SHARE) are obligatory between payer and beneficiary in the European Economic Area (EEA), in particular for foreign currency transactions.

Applicants should therefore make EURO TO EURO transfers only, since banks charge the same as domestic transfers, carrying no additional charges.

Cash deposits into the Embassy account in Austrian Bank Austria Branches can only be made upon presenting a Bank Austria Card

Bank account details are as follows:

Embassy of the Republic of Namibia    

Unicredit Bank Austria AG

IBAN: AT 07 1100 0032 7021 9300

(All bank charges should be borne by the applicant)

Please ensure that you have all the required documents before making the deposit, as NO REFUNDS can be given. The applicant should submit the receipt wit their Application forms.