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To achieve a peaceful, safe, stable and prosperity-enhancing world order that is predicated on the principles of diplomatic persuasion and a multilateral approach to inter-state relations, a world order in which Namibia is able to become a developed country by the year 2030, i.e., having joined the ranks of high-income (with a GNP per capita of US$7,911) economies.

  • To promote security domestically, within our own neighbourhood and in the global arena.
  • To enhance the international standing of our country and advance its socioeconomic, cultural, technological and scientific interests, with particular emphasis on economic growth and development.
  • To work for the realisation of the objectives set out in Article 96 of the Namibian Constitution, which stipulates that Namibia will:
    • adopt and maintain a policy on non-alignment;
    • promote international co-operation, peace and security;
    • create and maintain just and mutually beneficial relations among nations;
    • foster respect for international law, treaties and obligations; and
    • encourage the settlement of international disputes by peaceful means.

Human beings are constantly placing bets on what the future might hold. They do so because, even though no one knows exactly what it holds, the future matters. Therefore, people try to envision or stretch their imagination beyond normal limits in the hope to have a better insight into tomorrow’s reality. Visions are thus sorts of clairvoyance. They attempt to lay out good sketches of what the future holds, the assumption being that once you have such a sketch in hand, it ought to be possible NAMIBIA’S FOREIGN POLICY AND DIPLOMACY MANAGEMENT ix to plan better for the future or to set correct priorities regarding the desired future situation.

Namibia has adopted Vision 2030 as its guiding beacon into the future. This vision casts forwards the future possibilities and describes the actions to be taken to accomplish the mission within that specified time frame of three decades. All economic and political sectors of the Namibian society, including the country’s foreign service, are called upon to make a tangible contribution to the realisation of this vitally important commitment to live and work hard today for a better tomorrow.

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